Thursday, August 14, 2014

Making Cookies

The clattering pans and spoons, the chatter, the occasional yell of "Ooops!" coming from the kitchen gives me a mix of emotions.  On one hand, I want to run in there and take over, making sure the kids know that this and not that is the right way to make the cookies. After all, I've been there, I've done this stuff before and know how.

Three bakers, hard at work
On the other hand, I know how important it is to let them have this, to let them make the cookies all by themselves. I could see how excited they looked when I told them that they could make the cookies from scratch and I would just stay completely out of it. They need to have room to find their own ways to do it, even if it means making mistakes and messes.

They want my help too.  They yell into the living room, "Which of these is the half teaspoon?"  It takes a lot of motherly restraint for me to just yell back, "You guys can figure it out, I'm sure of it!" and they do.

They are growing up so much lately, and I think more and more about these people they are becoming. I think about the fact that one day, not too very long from now, they will each pack up their belongings and leave my house. Will I have given them everything they need?

Someday my role will be to always be in the living room as they attempt new things, make mistakes, and figure out their own paths over in the kitchen.  That sometimes they might call to me from their kitchen-lives, "Is this right?" and how I'll answer back, "You can figure that out, I'm sure of it!"

I just want to make sure they understand that I will always be there for them.  I'll be just over in the living room, ready to give them encouragement, and maybe advice, but not solve their problems for them.

I am confident they will find their own ways to make the cookies.

I consider it an honor to be able to watch it happen.
They were delicious!

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