Friday, October 10, 2014

Three Miles!

The week started off pretty rough, remember? But things got better. I keep learning that same lesson over and over: when things are hard, I need to just wait a bit because it gets better.

Now, look what happened on Wednesday:

please don't look at my sweaty wrinkly forehead, thank you.
I stood in my driveway, covered in sweat, unshowered, and held up three fingers!

Okay, there was actually a little more to it than that...I stood in my driveway covered in sweat, unshowered, and held up three fingers because I had just RUN THREE MILES!

With 20 days left before my birthday, I met my goal. I need to take a little time to think about that because I tend to do something I should be proud of, but then just quickly move on to the next thing without giving it much thought. This time I intend to spend a bit of time feeling proud of myself.

Today I ran three miles again.

And I am going to take this thing a step further: I'm going to feel proud of myself all weekend! I think you should join me. Think of that thing you've done recently but didn't really allow yourself to feel proud. Spend the weekend feeling proud of yourself every time you think of it. It will feel good and we deserve to feel good.

Have a great weekend!


  1. Wow! I am very late reading this but so happy for you. Congratulations! You really really stuck with it. Especially on crummy days. That's a big deal in my book. While you may be well past thebweekend of feeling proud of yourself, i'm super proud of you...ummm...what is this? 10days later? Way to go, runner girl!

  2. This is me stating publicly how proud I am of you! Feel free to read this repeatedly as you savor your accomplishment and its impact on others!