Tuesday, May 20, 2014

May Madness

Last night as I sat at Joe's Spring band concert, I was completely exhausted.  I thought maybe I hadn't gotten enough sleep the night before, or I was coming down with something.

Then it hit me.  This happens every year in May: The Day When Being Home With Four Kids All Summer Sounds Like A Relaxing Vacation.  I started to tally up what has happened so far in May and what still needs to happen before the school year ends on June 10th. It is a tiring list:

Already happened since May 1:

--2 kids' birthdays
--Birthday kids brought treats to 27 and 24 classmates
--3 birthday parties
--5 soccer games
--3 concerts
--1 overnight fundraiser at church
--3 field trips (including one that was 3 days long, to Chicago)
--Mother's Day
--1 physical
--1 dentist appointment
--1 hearing test
--Soccer picture day
--I made the periodic table cake Sam requested (no, I am not a professional periodic-table cake-maker. Yes, I was in a hurry. See the above list for reasons why.)

Things that still need to happen before June 10:

--1 physical
--2 soccer games
--1 preschool bounce house party
--1 field trip
--Field Day                                                        
--5th grade graduation
--5th grade picnic
--3 swim team practices
--Countless last papers, last projects, final presentations (all of which will probably require some specialty item that will need to be bought at 10 pm the night before it's due)

Each morning Ben and I roll into his preschool class a little later and a little more disheveled.  Thankfully he will be finished with preschool at the end of this week because we are barely making it.

A list of things that have been forgotten in the last few weeks:

--Countless library and "book cart" books
--saxophone mouthpiece
--spelling homework
--band vest
--gym shoes
--permission slips
--a birthday card from Sam's Mimi, which I swore to her hadn't arrived, then I found it and remembered giving it to him.  Ooops.

Come on, Summer!  We can't take much more!

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