Wednesday, July 16, 2014

15 Years Ago Today

15 years ago right now, I was waking up in Sue's guest room to her baby boy crawling on me.  Sue walked in and loudly announced, "Wake up!  You're getting married today!!!!"

After that the day is kind of a blur.  I remember getting my hair done.  I remember feeling very nervous that something would go wrong, like maybe the DJ wouldn't show up.  I remember my Dad walking me down the aisle, cracking quiet jokes out of the side of his mouth the whole time.

I remember Frank at the end of the aisle and when I saw him, I became much less nervous.

In my memory, the day went by in minutes.  But I was really happy.

The last 15 years seem to be a little like that day, it feels like it has gone by so fast in a blur of happy memories.

We have had rough times.  This past year was the most difficult.  But every day I have been certain that I made the right decision on that day, 15 years ago.

October 2007, California
Happy Anniversary, Frank.  I love you!

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