Wednesday, February 3, 2016

Another Busy Day

Oops! I wrote this on Friday, but apparently didn't post it. Let's go back in time!

Today was busy, but fun. I had a breakfast date with a friend (my nurturing!) and it was wonderful. By the time I got home I had just enough time to  hang some curtains in the bathroom and do a little cleaning and the kids were coming home (they had another half day).

We went shopping for supplies for Natalie's paper mache project for her Social Studies class. Then it was home to make dinner, and now here we are.

It was another day of no exercise for me. I ate some sugar this afternoon/evening. I made a good food decision by getting a healthy, veggie filled breakfast at the restaurant. But I have my dog walking date set for tomorrow morning, and I have high hopes for next week.

Have a great night! Happy Friday!

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