Wednesday, February 3, 2016

Fell Asleep on the Couch

I had a good day yesterday. I was busy all day, then went to yoga in the evening. After yoga I plopped onto the couch and fell asleep. 

I made a good food decision of having a healthy lunch. Then I made a bad decision of making peanut butter oatmeal bars "for the kids" and eating one. (It was delicious, but I'm not supposed to be eating sugar during the week).

I nurtured myself with yoga. I love yoga! I always end up so happy and relaxed (see  "fell asleep on the couch")

I forgot to make my blog post. 

It was a good day with some ups and downs. I will report on today later.

Have a great day! It's sunny and unseasonably warm here in Michigan, and that makes me happy!

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