Wednesday, February 10, 2016

Sick Kids, Clean Dog

It's been another crazy day! The first sound I heard when I woke up this morning was like a warning bell to a mom-of-four's ears--the barking cough. The croup cough, which sounds just like a seal barking, can wake me from a dead sleep. I've had a LOT of experience with it, unfortunately, and I knew immediately that our Ben would not be going to school today. Soon after checking him out, Natalie came to me complaining of nausea and fatigue. So, I had two kids home sick today. (Only one was okay with being photographed.)

Isn't he adorable and pitiful?

I didn't exercise, except for a 15 minute stint of snow shoveling. I made it through day one of lent without eating any goodies. I'm not sure I spent any time nurturing myself. I was too busy taking care of two sick kids, doing the (long overdue) grocery shopping, picking up Sam from an after-school club meeting, getting the dog groomed, and helping the two little boys fill out five billion Valentine cards and do homework. Ack! 

I'm tired tonight. I have a full day planned for tomorrow so going to the gym doesn't look like a good possibility right now, but we'll see.  

The good news is that Violet looks and smells lovely, and Ben perked up enough to do some yoga! Have a great night!

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