Wednesday, February 3, 2016

Aqua Zumba, Blood Donation, and Nutter Butters

Today my kids had "late start day" which is when their schools start 50 minutes later than normal on every other Wednesday. (This annoys me in so many ways, the least of which being the mental math I have to do to figure out start times of three schools by subtracting 50 minutes. Oh sure, it sounds easy but considering that I can't really remember what time their schools start on a normal day, and I'm doing it first thing in the morning, before coffee! Blahhhh). 

Anyway, the point here is that I left later than normal, which got me to the gym later than normal. This was good because I got there in time to try a class I had been meaning to try for awhile: Aqua Zumba. This is a class consisting of high energy dancing. In water. Was it awesome? Why, yes it was!

After class, I decided to make a blood donation appointment for later in the day. Then I rushed home, showered, ate lunch, and ran back out to make it to my appointment.

Confession: after giving blood I ate a snack sized bag of mini Nutter Butters. But the blood drive workers practically forced the things on me! The woman pointed to a big box full of snacks and said "Pick one."  And there were Nutter Butters in the box. It had to be done, folks.

After giving blood I usually feel more tired than usual, and today was no exception. I was glad it was Natalie's night to make dinner. I mostly rested until dinner, then did the dishes and clean-up, supervised homework, and lunch-packing.

I nurtured myself by resting and reading my library book. I made a good food choice by having a healthy, reasonable breakfast. And now I am fulfilling my blogging goal. 

I told several people at the blood drive about my sister, Sue, and why I give blood in memory of her. I like to get the chance to tell people about my sister. Just a reminder, if you haven't given blood in a long time, please consider going onto the Red Cross website, finding a blood drive near you, and making a donation. You may be forced to eat Nutter Butters. And if that doesn't convince you, then nothing will!

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