Tuesday, January 19, 2016

Sunday, Monday, and Today

I dropped the ball there for awhile. I think part of the reason why I forgot to blog was because nothing much was happening on Sunday, and yesterday was crazy.

On Sunday I went to church (my nurturing for the day), then came home and RESTED. I don't think I got off the couch for hours. I got up to make dinner and clean it up, then went right back to the couch. I was still feeling sick on and off all day.

Yesterday I felt better, which was good because the kids had a day off from school. I started the day with grocery shopping, then we had dentist appointments for four of us. We ended up going out to dinner after the dentist. Oh, and somewhere in there our garage door opener broke. 

I stuck to my "no sugar on weekdays" plan, even though the kids were trying to talk me into getting dessert at the restaurant. 

I haven't worked out in many days. I am feeling pretty good today, but needed to stay home from the gym to wait for the garage door repair people. I am going to yoga tonight, though. 

So, that's where I am, slowly coming back from this illness that basically caused a fever, aches, and extreme fatigue. This week I'll go to yoga and get back to the gym.

Here we go!

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